I opened up The Carnival of Passive Investing to outside hosts starting with the March 2011 Carnival, and we've had great success since having others help with hosting. If you meet the qualifications below, please contact me with your top 3 preferred hosting dates after viewing the Hosting Schedule, thanks!

Benefits of Hosting:
  • Links – All included blogs are required to link back to you, you will be linked to multiple times here at The Carnival of Passive Investing, and you will be mentioned in the weekly roundup at My Personal Finance Journey as well.
  • Traffic – When sites are included, the bloggers usually visit to say thanks. Then, when they link back, some of their readers visit too. Everyone benefits!
Hosting Qualifications:
  • You must have participated in a blog carnival before (bonus points if it was The Carnival of Passive Investing!)
  • You must consistently post on your site at least twice a week.
  • Your site must be at least 3 months old.
  • You may only be on the future hosting schedule once, but please feel free to signup to host again if you enjoy the experience!
I will consider all signups on a first come, first served basis.

Hosting Requirements:
  • A host must have the time to consider all posts submitted by the day before the Carnival is schedule to go-live.
  • The carnival must be posted on the scheduled date. No exceptions.
  • The host must have time to weed out posts that do not belong – spam, multiple submissions, ads, etc.
    • And...Since the aim of this carnival is specific (and being "big" isn't required for us to achieve success), you must be able to tell the difference between passive investing posts and other investing topics (example - stock picking).
  • The host must email all selected participants when the Carnival is live and include the link.
  • The host must include a link to The Carnival of Passive Investing in the carnival.
  • The host must include an “Editor’s Choice” section of 3-5 posts (worded as you see fit).
  • Try to have fun with it – fun themes get way more visits than straight-up link lists. If you need any ideas for themes, I have a list of them I've brainstormed over the months that I'd be happy to share with you.

Thanks so much for considering to host The Carnival of Passive Investing! If you are interested, please use the contact page to send your request!