About The Carnival

About The Carnival

This website is the home of the Carnival of Passive Investing, a monthly carnival that includes the top passive investing articles from the blogosphere.

As discussed in my introductory post for this carnival, the purpose of this carnival is two-fold:

  • To provide a forum to showcase articles and research in passive investing strategies (i.e. investing in ETFs, index mutual funds, etc. in such a way that one avoids employing active stock picking). By investing with the market, we are able to beat 70% of investment "professionals."
  • To create a community of passive investment bloggers to connect and share expertise.

While some blog carnivals out there exist merely as a way to cram together as many articles as possible in order to build links and promote SEO, The Carnival of Passive Investing has its focus centered upon community building and knowledge transfer. We realize that not everyone will be fans of passive investing strategies, and that's all right. But for those that are interested in learning more, this is the place to be! 

The Carnival of Passive Investing was created by and is run by me, My Personal Finance Journey. Please contact me using the contact form or you can email me at jacob@carnivalofpassiveinvesting.com