Carnival of Passive Investing #30 - May 2013 Edition Now Live at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carnival of Passive Investing #30 - May 2013 Edition Now Live at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

The 30th (May 2013) edition of the Carnival of Passive Investing is now live on Barb Friedberg Personal Finance at the link below. A big thanks to Barb over at that site for hosting this time around!

Carnival of Passive Investing # 30 - May 2013 Edition

Thanks to everyone for participating. Congrats to this month's top picks (shown below)!

  • Investor Junkie presents Why Most of Your Assets Should Be in Index Funds posted at Investor Junkie.Given that professional investment managers typically don’t beat the market – in fact, they are usually behind – most of your assets should be in index funds.
  • Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Should You Incorporate Gold / Precious Metals in to Your Asset Allocation? posted at My Personal Finance Journey.The purpose of this post is to examine the in’s and out’s of how to decide if adding a gold / precious metals mutual fund to your asset allocation is appropriate.
  • Rowan Wellington presents The illusion of superior professional investment manager performance  posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. If investment mutual fund managers were truly skilled at beating the market, then you would expect mutual fund manager performance prowess to persist over time. 
  • Michael presents Investing With a Three Fund Portfolio posted at Financial Ramblings.  Interested in maintaining a bit more control over your money and/or avoiding the fees associated with an investing service or financial professional? Here’s how to get started investing on your own.


A big thanks to our participants and host, Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance! Our host of the next (May 2013 - # 30) edition, scheduled to go live on June 30th, 2013 will be Investing Monk! Be sure to get your articles in now (see instructions below)!

Since Blog Carnival has ONCE AGAIN started to not work at all recently (most everyone that I know has had technical difficulties), you can use the Blog Carnival HQ submission form clicking here.

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