Specialist Credit Cards: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Specialist Credit Cards: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The following is a guest post. Enjoy!

Are you looking to organize your finances and improve the way you spend? If so, reputable banking groups provide a wide range of specialist credit cards that could prove useful.

Here are some of the options available:

Football credit cards

Whether you’re a Manchester United supporter or a Liverpool fan, you can show your devotion to the game with a football credit card. You’ll benefit from an extensive array of introductory offers, exclusive discounts and competitive rates and will earn reward points as you spend – which can be redeemed for club experiences, merchandise, entertainment products, and other treats. What’s more, for each approved credit card application and on-going card purchase, most providers will make a contribution to your club at no extra cost to you.

Rugby credit cards

Do you have a season ticket to watch the Northampton Saints in action? Perhaps you’re a Gloucester fan and travel to the Kingsholm Stadium? Whatever the case, a rugby credit card could be just what you need. They’re available online and carry the same features and services as a traditional credit card, including online banking options, paperless statements, fraud protection and a free 24-hour customer service helpline. Like their football peers, they’ll also give you access to great introductory offers and will help you make contributions to your favorite team.

Charity credit cards

If you have a charity you’d like to support, a charity credit card will help you do just that. With most cards, contributions are made every time you spend, so you can make a big difference simply by buying food or purchasing fuel. Many organizations rely on the help and support of others to thrive, so it’s definitely worth looking into this option if you feel passionate about a cause. As with other specialist cards, you’ll enjoy competitive rates and exclusive deals and will be able to do your bit for the community.

Travel credit cards

Are you a frequent flyer? If so, a travel credit card could save you money. They’re ideal for people who love to explore the world and will help you earn air miles every time you make a purchase. These air miles can then be used to book a flight and can be redeemed for a wide selection of travel-related offers, including discounted airport parking, reduced luggage costs, and great-value hotel stays. Most travel credit cards also offer a higher level of fraud protection abroad, so why not find out more today?

The right credit card could improve the way you spend, so browse the web for the latest information.

How about you all? Do you any specialized credit cards? If so, do you find that the benefits you receive are worth the annual fee?