Carnival of Passive Investing #20 - July 2012 Edition Now Live at A Rich Life

Monday, August 6, 2012

Carnival of Passive Investing #20 - July 2012 Edition Now Live at A Rich Life

The 20th (July 2012) edition of the Carnival of Passive Investing is now live on A Rich Life at the link below. A big thanks to Rob Bennett at that site for being our kind host! 

Carnival of Passive Investing # 20 - July 2012

Thanks to everyone for participating. Congrats to this month's top 3 picks (shown below)!

1) Carlos Sera presents The Maximum Drawdown at Financial Tales.

Juicy Excerpt:  Getting back to the word risk, it’s more complicated than reward because there are so many clever yet useless ways to define it.  Some think of it as negative reward.  Others think of it as how volatile the price of the particular investment can behave over time.  Others perceive of it as the possibility of a loss of permanent capital over time.  We think of risk in a simple manner.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, we define risk as follows: How much money could I lose if I invested at the worst possible time before I recover my initial investment?

Juicy Excerpt: The moral of the story is that if you qualify for Admiral Shares by meeting the $10,000 account balance minimum, you should switch!…………………..NOW!  There really are no drawbacks to watch out for by making the switch, as switching from Investor Shares to Admiral Shares is tax free. Vanguard has a total of 27 mutual funds that feature Admiral Shares, so take a look today at your account and see if you qualify to make the change and save 51% on management fees.

Juicy Excerpt: All of these factors make gold too risky for me to invest in.  There are too many fees to buy and sell, the price fluctuates too much, and the cat is out of the bag on how good an “investment” in gold is.  But more importantly, gold is a physical object.  It is not something that can pay a dividend.


Thanks to our participants and host,  A Rich Life. Aaron @ Aaron Hung will be our host of the next (August 2012 - # 21) edition, scheduled to go live on August 31st, 2012. Be sure to get your articles in now (see instructions below)!

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