Carnival of Passive Investing #6 - Passive Investing Do's and Don'ts - May 2011 Edition with Author Rick Ferri

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carnival of Passive Investing #6 - Passive Investing Do's and Don'ts - May 2011 Edition with Author Rick Ferri

The 6th Carnival of Passive Investing is now live on The College Investor at the link below. The 6th edition was an exciting time for the Carnival because the top 3 picks were chosen by passive investing author, Rick Ferri. Rick is an expert on low-cost index fund investing and has written 6 books on the subject. His most recent book is The Power of Passive Investing. Stop by Amazon or your local book store and pick up a copy to read!

Carnival of Passive Investing # 6 - Passive Investing Do's and Don'ts Edition With Author Rick Ferri

Thanks to everyone for participating. Congrats to this week's three winners (shown below)!

1.  Are Passive Investors Smarter Than Active Investors by Suba at Wealth Informatics.  Rick says, “Solid, straightforward advice backed by a few research links, quotes by famous investors and model portfolio suggestions. The blog is easy to read, engaging and entertaining.”  Nice job Suba!

2.  5 Common Mistakes Investors Make by Boomer and Echo.  Rick says, “Starts out with the good advice, 'make sure your assets are managed in a systematic, disciplined way.  Have a plan that covers both the short and long term – your life goals.  Have a strategy to achieve your goals.  Monitor how well the plan is working and adjust it if necessary depending on your results and changing conditions.’  The rest of the article continues on with good advice." Way to go!

3. How I Selected A Mutual Fund: A Really Boring Case Study by Little House.  Rick says, “This was an article about what mutual funds are, and a little bit about index funds, but not much. The author is very new to investing as evidenced by this line, ‘I decided to select the safer more conservative fund; the taxable-bond fund. It’s backed by the US government – steady growing and safe, for now. At a historical growth rate of approximately 7% and a total cost of .01% annually, the safety outweighs the cost.’ WHAT? If you think a government bond fund is going to return 7% per year, you’ve got a lot more homework to do.”

Thanks to our participants and host! Jon @ Free Money Wisdom will be our host of the next (June - #7) edition, scheduled for June 30th, 2011. Get your articles in now!

Since Blog Carnival hasn't been working at all recently (most everyone that I know has had technical difficulties), you can use the Blog Carnival Workaround submission form that Canadian Finance Blog developed by clicking here. Just remember to scroll down the drop-down menu until you see "The Carnival of Passive Investing."  

Also, we have exciting news to report! For the June 30th edition, Larry Swedroe, the author of numerous books on Passive Investing, will be selecting (with Free Money Wisdom's help of course) the winners of the Carnival of Passive Investing (#7)!

This is an exciting time for bloggers to interact with real authors and foster a community of passive investing. Indeed, this was one of our main goals for starting this Carnival! So, put on your Sunday best, write those awesome passive investing posts, and get them submitted for Larry!

Also, The Carnival of Passive Investing is now open to outside hosts, so feel free to throw your name in the ring if you match the qualifications.  Please contact me with your hosting date preference if you are interested! You can view the hosting schedule here.